Ordering a steak can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the different cuts and the different temperatures they can be served at. Last month we broke down the different cuts of steak, so this month we are looking at the different temperatures steaks can be served at. Just like figuring out the cut of steak you like best, figuring out the temperature of steak you like might require some trial and error.

So let’s take a look at the 5 different ways steaks are cooked & served at:


  • Seared outside
  • 75% red interior
  • Slightly cool center

A rare steak has a center that’s cooked a bit, so it becomes a deep red and very juicy when it’s done. The internal temperature of a rare steak falls between 120 and 120℉. Rare steak does not need to be cooked for very long, but it’s still somewhat warm in the middle. To achieve a rare internal temperature, the steak needs to be removed when it reaches 115℉.

Medium Rare

  • Seared outside
  • 50% red interior
  • Slightly firm

Medium rare steak is the golden standard. This is the most common steak doneness to order at a restaurant and cook at home. A medium rare steak has a warm, red center, making the meat have more of that tell-tale steak texture than blue steak and rare steak. The outer edges of the center will fade to a dark pink, but the inside itself is a deep, juicy red. Remove a medium rare steak from the heat when it reaches 125℉.


  • Seared outside
  • Pink center with slight red
  • Firm and springy

With medium steak, you’ll see no red in the center. Instead, the meat is pink and warm, and you’ll see only a light pink around the edges of the steak’s center. This doneness level is a popular option for people who prefer not to bite into red or have too many juices flowing out of the meat. Medium steaks come off the heat when they reach 135℉.

Medium Well

  • Seared outside
  • Slightest bit of pink in center
  • Mostly cooked throughout

Medium well has a center that’s only lightly pink, and there’s little to no pink color on the outer edges of the meat. The core temperature is, on average, about 155℉ when fully cooked, but it gets removed from the heat when it reaches 145℉.

Well Done

  • Seared outside
  • Fully brown center
  • Firm and cooked throughout

Well done steaks get cooked to 155℉, making their centers have little to no pink color. Medium well and well done steaks can be tricky to perfect, as overcooking them can lead to chewy and dry meat.

One thing you should remember is you can always cook a steak longer if you don’t like the more “rare” options but you can’t un-cook a steak. So if you are unsure you might start a temperature rarer than you think and you can always request for the steak to be cooked more.

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